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Thread: procharger

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    xs ultra
    any one hear running the procharger unit? like to hear some pros and cons.
    and pics of your set up .looking into buy one for a 454ci with a carburetor.

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    I have one on a 6.2 mercruiser running 7 psi of boost burned a hole in a piston after 40 hours running Procharger gave me very little help and basicly told me I did something wrong. If you go with procharger have the ecm reflashed also add a oil cooler and larger oil pan
    go to website they will send alot of infomation on different setups

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    Big H
    I am starting a new motor build right now. As soon as the new head gaskets show up I can move forward. Putting together an 8 to 1 BBC 540 and I will be using a Procharger F2 on a single carburetor. No pics as yet but depending on your schedule I will have some by mid January.

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    A local guy here in Mi. specializes in making huge power on pump gas with a procharger blow through carb setup.
    I seen his intercooler box and it was real nice work.

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    The units themselves seem to be nice as do the coolers. I'm not real crazy about their mounting systems so I'm making my own bracketry and plumbing on the M3 setup I'm putting together. I will be using my own fuel injection as well, so no worries about the blow through carb or the fuel pressure tweaking that ATI normally uses on their kits for EFI Merc motors. As with any boosted application, fuel delivery and timing are crucial, so whatever method you choose, make sure it's right!

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    xs ultra
    H , post those pics when you get them!

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    I had thought about doing a mod like this to my engine and I would do it like this, cause I have room to do it. It would be lighter than a roots blower and not change the center of gravity in the boat as much.
    Might catch some flac for this, but this is what I would do if it was made legal for a K circle boat. Pick the appropriate blower, mount it on the back and drive it off the crank/flywheel side 1 to 1. DEFINATELY lighter and would lower the center of gravity in the boat (better for turning) and would likely make more power. I know it's not typical, but it would work!

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    Picked up 20 MPH no problems 180hrs.. Proper instalation!

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    Big H
    That front crank mount/drive system is pretty darn cool. Would work great if your boat didn't have a back seat to worry about. Also, not that they weigh a lot but being mounted low and in the center of the boat can only help with the balance and handling of the boat. Nice pic.

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    I have a 496 ho with a procharger 3.5psi kit and have had no problems. The package has been running strong for two seasons and boosted my speed about 12mph.

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