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Thread: ? From a n00b. What's involved in "marinizing" a motor?

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    Like let's say you have a 2003 Cobra terminator motor, with a whipple and a decent safe tune you'll have no problem pump out 650+hp. However how can that be retrofitted into a boat?

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    Bigger oil pan, oil cooler, open up: the ring end gaps,guide clearance,piston/wall clearance,buy better valves,awwww hellllllll take it to a BOAT engine builder! TIMINATOR

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    Hyjack... Timmy, How fast?

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    121+ with 3 people and 1/2 fuel. Carbs too lean, plugs look blistered, fixed that, haven't installed the nosecone yet. Haven't tried the new nitrous kit either, but its on there. Shoulda come out for a ride, no-one else would ride in it. They squat to pee. TIMINATOR

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