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Thread: Wanted: Captain's Call Actuator

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    One of the actuators (I think that's the correct description) shot craps on me at the end of last season. They appear to be original equipment from Merc on my '92 Wellcraft. From what I've heard, there is a two-wire and newer 3-wire set-up... mine is the 2-wire assembly.
    Anyway, for all of your guys who've replaced your factory exhaust, do you have one laying around? Merc wants my first-born for a new one. Thanks in advance.

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    ttt... anybody?

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    i have a used one can you post a picture of your current one so i can see if it will match

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    Let me shoot some this weekend. The boat's in storage and I'll have to get to it. Us guys in the Midwest can't boat all year round! :cry:

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    This is a picture of the actuator on my exhaust. It says "Trombetta" on the side and probably came stock on my '92 Wellcraft. If anybody has one of these laying around, please let me know.
    PS, I'm new with this picture thing, I hope it attaches right...

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    Carreraboat? Anybody?

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