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Thread: Thru Hull question

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    Ok..I know most of you have a gofast..
    But has anyone ever run thru hull's on a 4.3 V6 ?
    Been looking on the net....Have not seen anything for the V6...does anyone even make thru hull's for V6's?....Would like to find Captains Call or something that would allow noise on demand

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    Not for sure, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't do through hull with "captians call" on a 4.3L. Adapters, elbows hose and the actual tips are all universal, or "custom", which ever you prefer. It might sound funny though. wink

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    Yea I think it might sound kinda funny LOL...but..
    with 3 or 4 inch tubes it should have a nice funny sound...
    But I guess that is something else I would like to know...has anyone had thru hulls on a 4.3V6
    What did it sound like...(a hive of bee's)

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    I knew a guy that liked doing things that can not be done. Speciffically, he wanted to hop up a OMC 4 cylinder. No reason other than he bought a trailer, and had to take the boat with it. :-)
    Anyway, he did all the internal goodies, ported the head, and put a small turbo on it. Eneded up getting 375hp on a dyno. Then he hooked up the exhaust with a thru hull, and it did sound odd... So, thinking outside the box, he added a glass pack to it. Damned if it didn't work. Lowered the pitch, and smoothed it out nice. Ran great too, for about three hours when the outdrive went poof! Boat sunk in about 25 seconds. Still, my friend said it was worth it. Had a grand total of $1200 in the boat, plus labor. Works out to $400 an hour. :-)

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    Well I'm hoping for a few more then 3hrs...LOL
    I really dont see it increasing HP by much if any...
    I just wanna do it..just because I like the sound...and I have not seen or heard any other V6's...with thru hull...
    But I would like to add them before any other things like cam/intake/carb...
    So that when I do add the other will be able to breath...

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    I've seen this set up many times resently on a donzi sweet 16. Sounded great! And you really can build that motor rather well. What kind of boat is it? As far as parts try or eddie marine for the do it your self approch.

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    The boat is a 92 180 Celebrity..title say's SS
    but it looks like a FIRESTAR
    going to look at those sites today....

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    I think they do make this stuff for the 4.3 V6, I would check Corsa, Gil or Eddie Marine. I'm sure they aren't cheap, but it it's available, someone there should know. I bet it would sound kinda funny.... : )

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    With the water coming out of it, no one will know the difference! I have seen lots of them and they sound fine.

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    Don't knock the small engines, they can get up and move too! When I was a kid a guy in our group had an 18' IMP with a Ford straight 4, same bore, stroke, and head as a BBF 460. It had thru hull exhaust with merc I/O and absolutely hauled ass. This was pre-GPS days but the speedo was clocking around 70. Not too bad???

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