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Thread: Rookie mistake!

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    Well I got my motor in with no problem. And all was looking well until I relized I forgot to put the manual Holly Fuel Pump on. So no problem it's in a hard to get spot but ill get it in. Put it in and try to fire motor with no luck hummm. I guess I need to check for the normal shit spark and fuel. Well I got spark but no fuel? Humm I know these pumps take a bit to prime so ill help it out and feed it some gas from a can to get things going. So I do and it fire's for a moment and die's Still no fuel in the filter so I guess ill pull pump off and check it out can anyone guess what I found? argue

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    Blown 472
    you forgot the ecentric for the fuel pump?

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    No fuel pump shaft. Just a guess.

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    Keep them coming your getting warm eek!

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    Im talking this was really dumb! jawdrop

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    You forgot to turn the gas valve on.

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    Lines on backwards.

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    Your all wrong so maybe im the first to do this but since I did not put the pump on on the eng. stand and could not see in the hole when putting it on in the boat and I failed to see that I put to long of a bolt in the timming cove in the area of the pump and on the 1st crank it broke the pump arm off and is now in the cover somewhere I tried to use a magnet to find it with no luck so im going to take another stab at it tonight if I cant get it out I will have to pull the Motor and pan and pully and alt and the cover ect. ect. Im a Dumb ass for sure

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    So what do all think was this a big rookie mistake or what

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    Just Tool'n
    I know I have made mine.
    Was working on a old Chry one time puting a fuel pump on it, tried & tried to get the pump bolted back on to the block, finally after 5 hours got the bolts started & it did not tight up all of the way.
    Took it back off & saw that I had bent the the rod that was solid steel, that rode against the cam.
    The guy & the parts store said it was impossible to do, but leave it to me to do the impossible.
    Got a new rod & the pump was on in 15 minutes.
    This is why I started selling tools to mechanics intead of using them.

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