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Thread: 950 cfm carb qft

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    Have a 950 cfm quick fuel technologies carburetor with 4150 flange for sale. Lists for 760.00 in summit. Has about 6 trips on the carb. Looking to get 450.00 or best offer. Also have holley strip dominator intake for big block chevy rectangular port also 4150 flange. asking 100.00 for the intake. There is nothing wrong with the carb just decided to upgrade to a dominator.
    These Quick Fuel Performance series carburetors are ideal for drag racing applications. They feature the Proform high-flow hand polished main body which includes either downleg or annular boosters, screw-in idle and high-speed air bleeds, accelerator pump discharge nozzles, and blended venturi area. These carburetors have CNC-machined billet metering blocks with 4 stage emulsion to provide more precise fuel metering, improve throttle response and give a more uniform fuel performance curve. Professional series carbs have a CNC-machined super duty billet throttle body baseplate assembly to provide an exceptional blend of strength and perfection. The baseplate features reinforced positive throttle stops to eliminate throttle shaft over centering and reduce the load on the throttle shaft at wide-open-throttle. Their die-cast polished aluminum fuel bowls are made from a special marine-grade aluminum alloy for superior corrosion resistance. The increased length of their fuel bowl enables them to carry additional fuel capacity for high-horsepower race engines. Their internal baffles prevent an unstable float level, due to fuel slosh. Their new Fuel Chute is designed to significantly reduce aeration, and helps direct fuel to the bottom of the bowl. All fuel bowls feature notched floats with necessary jet extensions and clear sight glasses to easily set the float height.

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    pictures of carb and intake

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    What Has been done to the carb??

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    i have done nothing to the carb. bought the boat off a friend who had just bought it and had a few trips on the motor.

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    I would like to buy that carb from you.How would you like to go about payment and shipping? Could you find out how much the shipping is to Redmond Oregon Zip code 97756?

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    Please check your private messages.

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