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Thread: where to get sbc motor mounts

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    I know many people will say its a mistake but Im going small block with my jet boat and I need to find front and rear motor mounts since Im pretty sure my BB stuff wont fit, any suggestions???

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    ebay would be the cheapest. has them new...

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    Bell housing bolt pattern is the same for big block, small block, and inline 6 since 1958 or so. Side engine mount holes are in the same location for big block and small block. 2 front on each side (vertical), I believe are in the same location, as well. These were for the original engine mounts (small block) 55-57.

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    Bellhousing will work on either. Front mount holes in front of block are different pattern.
    Link to mount page online (

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    its the front mount that Im looking for, also, this means Ill have some BBC parts if anyone needs some, guess I did say front and rear in my original post.....

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    We just put a small block in my brothers 78 eliminator. Rather than drill new holes in the stringers, he made aluminum adapters to fit the original front plate (bbc 4 point mounts) and the front of the small block. He is getting ready to make another set for a V Drive buddy of ours. Just a thought.
    Buy the way, nothing wrong with small blocks. His boat runs 72 on gps.

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    toad polumsky
    There is nothing wrong with a small block in a jet boat. My 73 Eliminator runs 83mph at 5250rpm with a sbc. Also it was cheaper than building a big block. Bergeron marine of mesa AZ makes a nice small block mount kit.
    Below is a link to a picture of these mounts installed.

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    I used rails/plates. The SBC option is not usually recommended, especially if you have a heavy boat. That being said, I love 'em, I'm getting mid 70's out of a box stock ZZ4 which is a pretty mild 355 HP. You could build a moderate SBC and probably get pretty good speed as long as your not trying to push some 23' barge through the water. SBC parts and buildups are nice and cheap too-Aluminum Squirt

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    if I can work the deal Ill be trading my 427t block heads and crank to a guy for a 350 4 bolt, Im thinking of building it as a 383, figure I can prolly build 300-350 hp for about 1/2 of what the 427t was going to cost me. if that doesnt work out I have a 302 ford with the gt40 setup on it that might fit fill the need

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    I'm not a Ford hater but I would stick with the SBC for cheap parts, and ease of sliding it in in place of the BBC if both motors are an option for you. Not only that but its at least 48 CI bigger even without going with the 383. There are also a lot of guys out there that are more qualified SBC builders than SBF builders, just as a consequence of their popularity. I think 300-350 Hp is a little on the conservative side for a jet. You can easily step up to the 400-450HP range with very few trick/expensive parts and still keep the RPM's down to where the motor will survive. The old school book "How to Hotrod Your SBC" is a fine piece of reading. Its not very boat specific so some of the components are not directly related to a boat or jet drive but there are many small speed secrets in it and most of them use over the counter Chevy stuff to build good HP. I was just going over it the other day and there are an amzing amount of speed secrets available for the SBC using mostly factory part numbers(mostly Z-28 stuff). This book was put together in the 70's (1976 I think), so combine some of that info with some of the modern parts like roller camshafts, aftermarket aluminum heads, etc, I think 400-450HP would be real easy to get without breaking the bank or going much over 5500 RPM's-Aluminum Squirt

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