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    This should be proof that the media is out of touch with mainstream America. They have been force feeding us with the gay lifestyle in order to make us accept it as normal. All you can see lately is how they are promoting Broken Back Mountain as the greatest film since Gone with the Wind (which would not get any good reviews today since it promotes slavery). Yet look at the movie that is raking the money in. It is a thinly disquised christian story written during WWII. Most of the reviews that I have seen are more about the religeous connection than the movie.

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    Look how threatened they all were about "The Passion". They first tried to defame it, then carried on about how much of a failure it was going to be. Now that it proved them wrong, Mel Gibson has essentially been blackballed in Hollywood. When are the movies about the "real" gay America going to come out? You know, bath houses, promiscuous affairs, Aids...I'm guessing that wouldn't be popular with the Gay lobby. The truth never is well received by liberals.

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