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Thread: Gay Cowboy Movie

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    John Wayne is rolling over in his grave over the new Movie BrokeBack Mountain. At least in my opinion anyway. I have not seen it so I shouldnt pass judgement but it just seems wrong in every way and a travesty to the western/cowboy history. I don't consider myself racist nor do I care about sexual preferences. Or at least I usually dont care. I cant figure out why this bothers me so much.
    This morning our local radio show in Sac had two guys (cowboys) that were trying to win George Strait tickets to an upcoming concert. I guess the deal was that they would have to go to this movie, together, and sit together, and watch the whole thing and then report back to the station, ON AIR with the results. They are both married with WIVES and agreed to do it.
    One of them had a T shirt made that was pretty creative and comical that read across the front...KNCI Country 105.1 and across the back it said 100% STRAIT.
    Their take on the movie was that 1/2 hour in to the movie it made them sick. They said they were surprised at the amount of people in the theater AND the age group. Mostly elderly people. Kinda surprising to me.
    When asked if it was worth it and if they would do it again, both said yes - for George Strait tickets.
    How many of you studs out there would have done it? And how many of you have done something stupid for a radio show for tickets? And what did you do?
    Just curious.

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    I think it's gay.

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    I think it's gay.
    You had to reach deep for that didn't you? :rollside: :rollside:

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    Brown likes gladiator movies......

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    Rope suckers..............
    I was a professional rodeo cowboy for 4 years. I don't think I would pay to see this movie.
    I'm not Homophobic or anything, just not interested........

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    Did the Bench racers make a movie??

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    Brown likes gladiator movies......

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    You had to reach deep for that didn't you? :rollside: :rollside:
    I wouldn't go see the movie for George Strait tickets.
    Now Brooks and Dunn, you bet. I'd do it to go see those fags.

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    Did the Bench racers make a movie??
    Maximus bucking on all fours with Lucky on his back smacking him in the ass is hardly a cowboy movie. :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:

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    I saw this movie w/a girlfriend of mine, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We were both expecting it would be something like gay porn & were really surprised at how tame it really was compared to what we expected. I could definitely see how John Wayne wouldnÂ’t be thrilled along w/other men in America who are 100% strait.

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