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Thread: Nextel Phones for Sale<<<<----L@@K

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    Blown Spectra
    Perfect working condition, Some marks on the phone, but they work perfect. I bought these phones from Nextel 12/16/2004.
    I just swiched providers and don't need these phones anymore.
    2 Motorola I 860 Camera Phones
    2 Motorola house chargers
    2 Motorola Clips
    1 Motorola Car charger
    2 Motorola User Guides
    Just Install your existing Nextel Sim chip and your good to go. I paid $365.00 for each phone plus $29.00 for the car charger.
    I'll take $200.00 for everything Shipping included.
    Eric 818-482-6216
    http://www.*** http://www.***

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    Check your Pm's bro.

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Damn that is a smokin deal

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    Blown Spectra
    Still go'em people....

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    Blown Spectra
    I've decided to keep the phones! Sorry guys.

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