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Thread: V-6 Block

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    Need to find a 4.3 Chev [Volvo] engine block. It's out of a 89 Sunrunner 19' Volvo-Pent Duoprop. Just need the block and of course, don't want to over-pay!! Thanks!! T.R.C

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    Go to your local junk yard,+ get a chevy pickup block of the same vintage.....i gave $100. for mine.... 1998, Clean stock bores....

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    Bondo...Thanks for the reply! Did you find any differances in the two blocks [fuel pump holes..etc] Did you re-use all your internal and external stuff or did you have to change anything? Thanks T.R.C.

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    In my expierence, there's two blocks out there... the older one, with a mechanical fuel pump,+ 2 shafts(crank,+cam)(i have one needing a rebuild)... the 1 i needed has NO fuel pump port,+ has a third counterbalance shaft(spins just above the cam).......
    when i did mine, i put them on engine stands,+ swapped all the merc. parts into/ onto the new block... everything fits perfectly(Has Too, They're the same block)......

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    Bondo..Thanks for the info..I guess it's off to the junkyard for fun and games. Mine is the older style block with the mechanical pump and no counter-balance. Hope I can find something! Thanks for your help!! T.R.C.

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