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Thread: This made my day....................

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    I hope they didn't get hurt.

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    Tom Brown

    I've seen that same thing from the right hand seat. My 7 year old neice wanted to go in that same toy with her Uncle Tom and a cousin. The problem was she probably weighed about 45 pounds, while Uncle Tom was around 220 and the cousin was probably close to 170. She wanted to be in the middle because she felt safer. She's a bit of a 'fraidycat.
    The first wave we hit, she went to the moon.
    I grabbed her by the ankle on her way up. Despite her bawling like MagicMtnDan after a democratic victory, I couldn't stop laughing. We shot her up like a bullet. I didn't budge an inch and the cousin in the left seat only had a modest bounce.
    In case you think I'm completely insensitive... things were brought to a stop and she was well coddled and reassured she was safe. Of course... I was laughing while I coddled her.
    ... then I tried to talk her into a second try at a much faster speed but she wouldn't go for it.

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    Seeing kids terrified makes Her454's day

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    That's child abuse.

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    Tom Brown
    That's child abuse.
    Who would have thought child abuse could be so funny? :idea:

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    Despite her bawling like MagicMtnDan after a democratic victory, I couldn't stop laughing.

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    Seeing kids terrified makes Her454's day
    Apparently so LMAO! My parents did that to me as a kid, look what happened. :rollside:

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    Squirtin Thunder
    That's child abuse.
    The funny thing is those kids will be talking trash to there friends for months about riding that thing.

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    The girl in the blue vest has the classic face and a death grip on those handles.....
    The girl in pink vest is saying "OH YEAH!!! Faster Daddy"

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