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Thread: New to the Forum, but River-old

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    Hi everyone - new to the forum, but have enjoyed reading up on everyone's activities at the River and elsewhere. My family and I have been "weekenders" at Lost Lake (30miles north of Blythe) for years, whether it be hardcore in tents or lately with my own family in our 25' Airstream. We have always gone with friends who have the boat and toys so now it's time for me to graduate. We're currently looking for a place to buy on the river to enjoy and also keep the eventual boat and toys during the season. Any of you know a website that lists places for sale?
    We're specifically looking for places in Water Wheel, Aha Quin, Twin Palms or any place south of Parker Dam. We've looked at a few places while at Lost Lake but the water's just getting too mucked and way too busy for the kiddos to play in the channel. We're looking at around $75K - $150K. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Welcome to HB :crossx:

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    Flying Tiger

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    I currently have a place in Aha and have had one in Waterwheel. It's less expensive for monthly rent in Aha and you have the lagoon, which is a big plus if you like to leave your boat in for the weekend. Given the current at Waterwheel and the limited shoreline, you need to take out most anything larger than a SeaDoo. There are a few places for sale in your price range along with one monster double for something over $200K in Aha at the moment. You can find deals at roughly $20K for a tearout after which you will need to invest $40 - $60 on putting a new coach in.
    Good luck

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    Hardly Satisfied
    welcome aboard

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    Have fun

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    Hye Duck - are the places for sale all by owner, or is there a listing somewhere (ie. MLS)?

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    I've never seen 'em in the MLS...just gotta drive thru and look at the postings...

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    Welcome aboard JD

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