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Thread: Procharger for 377 Scorpion

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    Thinking about installing procharger to Mercury Racing 377 Scorpion. Any thoughts?

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    :skull: I wouldn't

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    Don't! Timinator

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    sounds like you guys are certain. why?

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    Just a guess here but I think the compression ratio on the 377 is too high for a blower. I'm not certain though. Thought I heard that somewhere. :boxed:

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    compression is 9:1. is that too high?

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    Its not too high if you like to run race gas.....

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    Or, a rather large pulley that hits about 2 lbs of boost. I don't think the cost vs. gain would work well since the compression is high. I though it was higher than 9, but I am not sure.
    Edit: I checked the specs, it is 9:1. About 2lbs only.

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