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Thread: Pics of new hat setup.

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    my dad got me 50 stark naked t-shirts made up for me for xmas. Ill trade you one.

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    Right now we only did a few cause they were way spendy they are flex fit and knitted.I think we are going to do T shirts though.We will definatly swap though for sure.

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    So How do the rest of us earn one of these gems? Huh?

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    You ass Danny ... I thought you were gonna post up pics of the REAL NEW HAT

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    I dont see nuthin.

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    You ass Danny ... I thought you were gonna post up pics of the REAL NEW HAT
    Oh you mean this one!!!
    I was gonna wait till its on the new motor and in the boat till i posted a pic of it but oh well. (
    Carburator's are dumb and gas is for lawn mowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crossx:

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    The hat is backwards

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    It looks like there is going to be some serious hardware upgrades to many of the boats on the Power Tour this year. There is going to be some heavy's running from Needles to Yuma in 06

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    Who says dannys shit will be runnin?

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