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    I've had a few sugestions on why my oil is getting hot, like to much oil in the pan, bad gauge , bad sending unit. Racing Ray if your there. What in the motor would cause the oil to get hot. I have the motor down to a long block but still in the boat. When I drained the oil it looked like it just came out of the can. and no signs of metal. I hate to dismantel the motor and find nothing. Besides I don't trust anyone back here to do it.

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    Racing Ray
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    I'm curious too...
    What kind of oil (brand, visc., etc.) are you using?
    To what tempurature does your oil rise?
    Where in the block are you taking your reading?
    When did this start occurring?
    How much oil pressure do you have?
    What temp does your water temp gauge indicate?
    How does the burn on your spark plugs look(sounds unrelated, I know, but it may matter)?
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    Racing Ray, and Lakes Only,
    The motor is a 468 BBC in a v-drive boat. 14 qt Aviaid oil pan, Dan Olson cooler, dual remote filters. Number 16 line from a 3/4 neovane water pump. goes through the cooler first. This started this year. Electronic sender and gauge,(which I'm changing to Mech.) The sending unit is in the back of the pan in the sump. The oil pressure has changed a little. It used to start at 80# and run at 65# now it starts at 70# and runs at 55 or 60#. After 30 min. the temp goes to 280.(not good) I use 60 wt racing Valvoline. The water temp is at 180. There is no noise in this motor at WOT. When I changed the oil it didn't look like it had been that hot. It was clean and no signs of metal. The spark plug in #2 hole is fat but its been doing that for years, the other plugs look good. If the bearings are going bad would that make the oil hot? Thanks fellows.

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    Thunderbutt: It has been my experience that oil temp generally runs 100 degrees above water temp in just about any high performance application. As long as you have 10 # of oil press per 1,000 RPM I would not be extremely concerned.
    Any metal in the oil filter?

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    Racing Ray
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