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    U.T.B.A.V-Drive man
    How much shorter is the Blackhawk then the Bravo's. Because My X dem. is two low I need to eather raise the motor and drive, or buy a shorty. How short or the shorty's 2" or 3"? I finley have the right prop to get the boat up on plan,( 5 -blade 25 pitch Hydromotave) but the drive is still to low.

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    U.T.B.A.V-Drive man
    Would tab's work?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I'd just go with the shorty. I bet the Blackhawks are going to be tougher to get parts for...

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    spectras only
    The black Hawk's X dim is 3" higher above the standard Bravo's ,I think. Get
    a shorty .

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