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Thread: Radar Detectors, Worth it or not

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    Just wondering if the getting one is worth it and wanted to know if anyone here has one uses one or gave up on it.
    I am looking at 2 models the first is the Valentine 1 and the Bel 8500, both p/up all the bands but the V1 has arrows that give the direction from where the signal is generated, but the v1 is a $100.00 bucks more than the 8500.
    So before i go spending money on this any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    i dont drive without, saved my a$$ plenty. Read all you can, I found info thru search and clips from magazine tests online. I use Escort and love it,
    i am on my second. probably 6-7 yrs old now and going to replace just because there is so much advancement in radar.
    All should work well, but you will be surprised in how the so called experts rate them, and where you drive (i.e. hills, town, Fwy....). V1 is good but pricey.

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    The only radar detector worth having is the Valentine 1. It has saved my arse more times than I can count now. Expensive but worth it!

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    Nobody speeds around here

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    Nobody speeds around here
    Nobody drives the speed limit here

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    Havasu Hangin'
    My V1 lets me know where the ka radar is long before they see me.

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    If someone were to buy one where would the best place be

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    Havasu Hangin'
    If someone were to buy one where would the best place be
    The V1 gets beat up for not selling at retailers, and it is rather expensive, but it payed for itself with the first ticket it saved me.
    Every year the car mags do a radar shootout, and every year the V1 seems to come out on top. The ka sensitivity is top-notch, but it also tracks multiple signals and tells you which direction they are coming from. Very handy if there is a radar or laser trap near another radar source.

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    The ONLY radar detector to use is the Valentine V1 - believe it!

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