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Thread: Best Merc Prop

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    Has anyone gone from a bravo 1 prop to a merc rev4 prop and had any improvement?

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    They are pretty similar - at least on a 25 foot deep v bottom. The rev-4 is a little more efficient in the midrange. The bravo is a little better out of the hole. Top speeds are within a 1-3 mph of each other

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    which is faster in midrange and top end?

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    I used a box stock rev 4 23P versus a 24P bravo 1. Mid range for the rev-4 was about 2mph faster. Top end on the bravo was maybe 1-2 mph faster

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    The Rev 4 will be a bit better in the mid range, but with a fully loaded boat, you will find that the Rev 4 will blow out much easier than the bravo, but it really depends on your boat, drive, HP and all that. The Rev 4 seems to work best on heavy boats with stock HP while the Bravo will work best with lighter boat with stock to mild HP and weight.

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