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Thread: My New Years Resolution

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    I've recently noticed that more and more products in the US market are manufactured in China. For example, I bought a new Tahoe last week and was shopping for some 20" wheels and found that a large percentage of them are made in China (even American Racing) and are very cheaply assembled. I bought American Eagle (made in California).
    This has been good for China. They now import oil. They used to be an oil exporter but more and more regular folks drive cars. That's the main reason why gas in $2.50 a gallon here.
    Where I realize that it is now a world economy, and I'm not oppsed to buying products manufactured elsewhere (I own a Dell, KTM, Yamaha, Mitsubishi) I have decided that whenever possible, I will avoid buying products from China for the following reasons:
    With the possible exception of pot stickers there is nothing made there that isn't made better elsewhere.
    Those motorcyles (Yamoto) and quads are absolute junk.
    Tools, again garbage.
    Aftermarket automotive speed and autobody parts, crap.
    Their products line the shelves at Walmart.
    They still have hundreds of people in prison that were protesting for more liberties at Tianamen Square 17 years ago.
    My .02

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    Tom Brown
    My New Year resolution is to stop posting on ***boat.
    I suspect we'll have about the same fortune with our resolve on these issues.

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    That's how you get massive amounts of your idea built cheep.
    You have it produced in China.
    Then you turn around and sell it here. It's a big movement. $$$$$$$$
    There's alot of people making big bucks that way. Think about it.
    Do you have any product ideas?? :idea:

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    Tom Brown
    Do you have any product ideas?? :idea:
    I've got some billet battery box ideas.

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    You should read a book called "The World is Flat". It will dash your hopes of not buyig anything made in China. I am in electronics and do a ton of biz with the Chinese. There is no stopping them... the escalation of their economy has been causing problems all over the place. Imagine---a shortage of CONCRETE. All becuase they are building an infrastructure. It only took them a billion years to figure it out.

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    I've got some billet battery box ideas.
    I know a guy that will fly your product to China and market it for production.
    How many would you like?
    There is a minimum purchase.

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    Tom Brown
    There is a minimum purchase.
    I plan to order significant stock for my new company... Eddie Marineson.

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    JB in so cal
    Where you gonna' go to get Happy Endings?
    meso hohhhhhhhneeeeee!

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    I plan to order significant stock for my new company... Eddie Marineson.
    I was thinking of Custom Edge Marine. I could call myself CEM.
    What do you think?

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    Hardly Satisfied
    seems like almost everything is made in china these days

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