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Thread: WANTED steel covico steering wheel

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    COVICO 13'' deep dish 4'' STEEL steering wheel will trade stainless one in pic or buy thanks!http://www.***

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    dang, almost had it. went and looked in my parts stash and only came up with a nos 'superior' brand wheel, not a covico.
    12 1/2 with a 3 3/4 dish. Still has the tag on it, circa 1971 or there abouts, from my dads old parts.
    oddly enough, I have a nos covico water decal from that era.
    try mooneyes, they should have what you need.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I have an old 10" Superior 500 with a 4.25" dish !!!

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    I will check my wheel when I get home. It has the foam to it.
    Old Rigger, do you want to let that wheel go?

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    Why do you want steel instead of stainless?

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    LeE ss13
    Mike .... just for kix, do you remember where Covico was? Can you say Ballenger Headers?

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    Why do you want steel instead of stainless?Mike i like chrome steel better!! ill have it repolished and chromed and dipped :rollside: :rollside:

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I found a 12" on my boat if you need it 4" dish.

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    Thanks but ive got to have OEM BIESEMEYER EQUIPMENT!!

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    Squeezing Spectra
    Oops it`s just a little rust LOL

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