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Thread: Starting a motor that has sat for a while?

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    Speedin' Ian
    We are getting ready to start the new motor this weekend but we want to make sure we do everything correctly. The motor has sat for about a year... is there anything I should do before starting the motor? Obviously we changed the oil and we will check the timing and put in some fresh fuel. What else am I missing here?

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    Shoot some oil in the cylinders via spark plug holes.
    Prime oil system with a dummy distributor or leave plugs out and spin with starter for oil pressure.

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    Yeah, what he said. If you use the starter to crank oil pressure remember that a starter is not made for long time cranking, and will get hot if used for an extended period. I usually crank for maybe 30 seconds the first time, let it sit for a minute, then use 15 seconds, let it sit, then 15 more, etc. etc.....It is also a good idea if using a prime tool to turn the motor over by hand while pumping pressure, moving the lifters up and down allows oil to enter pushrods and lube rockers. After initial fire up, allow engine to run at 1000-1500 for a few minutes to throughly circulate oil and allow pieces inside to reach an agreeable temperature. Good luck. Do you still have the .060 motor for sale??......Ray

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    Doin' Time
    send back up north...where it belongs....

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    Speedin' Ian
    Thanks for the advice guys, but the only way that motor is going back up north is in our boat to lay down some passes at CFW!
    Moneypitt we do still have the .060 over block with billet caps for $600.00, along with a host of other parts for sale.

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