Well it was a success, the Barrel is full, I was hoping for 200lbs of food but it looks like maybe just over 100lbs, not bad all in all, the delivery will be made on Tuesday to the San Diego Food Bank, I will get pics of the delivery as well.
I would like to personally thank my wife Irma, she was behind the camera and snapped the pics and for her help with getting all the goodies for the giveaway's. Thanks to Ari for your help with the giveaway and for running all over San Diego on Friday afternoon picking up more stuff to hand out. And to everyone who attended, your kind hearts are going to make it so those less fortunate will have a meal this Holiday Season.
The donators of the many goodies:
Ultra Custom Boats
Dana Custom Boats
American-Outdoors, soft sided coolers
Rex Marine
Continental Motors
Advantage Plumbing
Devra Crandall
Custom Paint by Rick
Trident Custom Boats
Bimini Clip (coming soon to a Marine Store near you)
Please remember to support these donators, they were generous with their donations so they deserve our support...
Now for the Pics...
Some of the peeps...
Some more of the peeps...
me and Grape Ape...
Santa, can I have for Christmas...
Ziggys' wife Janet, riverdiva and linds...
lightnings wife Devra, lightning and rivercookdave...
2sand2 and his wife Theresa...
More too come!!!