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Thread: vessal assist

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    does any one have the number to vessal assist in havasu?
    also what does it cost. thank's jess

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    a catered life
    you might get a faster answer in the sandbar

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    Here is some info that may help:
    For assistance on the water:
    Call the 24/7 National Dispatch Center toll free by cellular or landline phone:
    Call on the radio on VHF channel 16
    Call your local Coast Guard and ask for a relay to VESSEL ASSIST
    For VESSEL ASSIST Membership:
    BoatU.S. Towing Services
    880 South Pickett St.
    Alexandria, VA 22304
    Phone – 800-888-4869
    FAX – 703-461-2877
    hope this helps

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    1 800 safetow! Acceptence on the boards a Vessel assister

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    We have SEA TOW in Havasu and have used it once. I called and they came out quick. It is well worth the 100 dollars.

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    al cole'holic
    does any one have the number to vessal assist in havasu?
    also what does it cost. thank's jess
    ..from what I recall it was real cheap to have that towboat pull me off a sandbar in about 18" of water at 10pm
    I think it was close to $450 :cry:

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    thanks guys i have full covrage ins but i think it is
    one of those reimburse you later.

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    Flying Tiger
    Best 100 bux ya ever spent.
    It's usually $100 for a 13 month membership, sometimes they have a boatshow special and will juice it to 14 months.
    Never cross the channel to Catalina without it.
    You can cellphone them, channel 16 them,, call the harbor master in Avalon,, the coastguard ect will all relay your message.
    A cheap Garmin camo GPS is a big help (most nextel phones have GPS too BTW), and a good description of your boat.
    You'd be surprised how many people can't describe what their own boat looks like.

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    The package the Vessel Assist guy in Havi recommended to me was 69 bucks I think. It is worth it. I was pulled off the Sandbar at the mouth to the river and it was two hundred something. The 69 covers for the whole year and you get jumpstarts and all the other good stuff if need be. I looked at adding the coverage to my insurance but for probably the same price or cheaper I think it's easier to use Vessel Assist. First of all it's taken care of-no reimbursement. Secondly your not having to file stuff with insurance that may make your rates go up.

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    The Havasu number for Vessel Assist 928-727-3215
    Captain Kenn is a great guy!!!

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