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Thread: Test pictures

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    testing my imaging

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    hoe do I post pics without using attacments. I've read Rexone's post, but it's all **^%(&$$* to me.

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    Did this work?http://www.***
    No it didn't.
    When you are looking at the pic you want to post, right click on it with your mouse.
    Drop down menu has a Properties option click that.
    highlight the Image properties url "http ....jpg" (it has to end in .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif or it won't show up)
    copy it
    to copy the highlighted url either 1. right click, then select copy from menu or 2. press ctrl and letter c on your keyboard at same time.
    Go to make new post on ***boat
    click the lil pic of mountain and sun.
    There'll be a popup prompt.
    click your mouse in the text field and press ctrl and letter v at same time
    Press OK
    the url will appear in your post with the img tags around them
    click preview
    you should see a pic in the preview
    click submit
    then alert me to look I wanna see pics of boats :smile:

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    delete the word "-thumb" from the above url and put the image tags around it

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    http://www.*** How about this one, is it too big?

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    http://www.*** How about this one, is it too big?
    You're missing part of the url I think? Underscore --> "_" <-- isn't usually last character before the ".jpg" extension. :idea: Pretty sure it should be a number or letter.

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