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Thread: Some 1 explain this too me....

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    I cashed 2 checks last thurs day. One form the bank of monteral in Canada( us funds) and one form my bank. They were both from the same guy. One drawn from his biz account in canada and the other from his personal account from the same bank I put them in at. So why is it that the one from canada cleared latter that day and the one from my bank still has not cleared....
    Just a rant....

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    Judging by the spelling mistakes in your post should confirm you did spell your name right!

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    Local check should clear in 2-3 days, 5 days max. If it doesn't your bank is bullshitting you. Call them and tell them you know it has cleared because the issuer told you his account was depleted and demand that the funds be made available. Was it a large check?

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    Phat Matt
    Probably the same reason when I deposit out of state checks to my business account they hold them for 10 days unless I use the branch I opened the account with. I guess B of A are linked between cities.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    An HH called me a rattlesnake! lol
    For the record...I called you a "shark who smelled a couple drops of blood in the water".

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