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Thread: Mexico says returning migrants complaining of corruption

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    Anyone else have a problem with this. I believe they are talking about illegals re-entering the country. Then will we welcome them back with open arms. They are talking about three million people here!!!!! And we wonder why the schools and medical fields are overburdened.
    If you are here legally I welcome you with open arms but if not...............
    Found in todays Havasu News:
    Mexico says returning migrants complaining of corruption
    By Ioan Grillo
    Friday, December 16, 2005 5:02 PM MST
    MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican migrants returning home from the United States laden with money and Christmas presents have complained of being harassed, extorted or robbed by Mexican police and customs officials, the government announced Friday.
    Since Nov. 1, the government has received 28 complaints from migrants, about 20 percent higher than during the same period last year, said Florencia Martinez, head of the Paisano Program, a government effort to clamp down on corrupt public officials and to welcome migrants home for the holidays.
    Martinez attributed the increase to migrants becoming more aware of their rights and initiatives that have made it easier to file a complaint - and not to more corruption.
    “We are receiving more complaints and this pleases me, because it means that our countrymen are becoming braver,” Martinez said. “Seven years ago, (migrants) said why should I complain when nothing happens and there could be repercussions.”
    This year, Mexican consulates in the United States have handed out more than a million leaflets detailing migrants' rights.
    Any agent who is found guilty of wrongdoing will be fired and prosecuted, Martinez said. Last year, authorities fired 15 officials after migrants filed complaints, she said.
    The Mexican government estimates that more than 3 million Mexicans will return home from the United States between November and January. About 1 million have already made the trip, Martinez said.
    Returning migrants often carry large quantities of cash and gifts for their families.
    This year, the Paisano Program, which first started in 1989, also includes undercover agents to ensure nobody is shaken down for bribes at airports or border crossings.
    More than 1,000 volunteers, including many students and retirees, are also going to border posts to keep an eye on officials and give advice to migrants.
    President Vicente Fox has trumpeted the program in television spots and has said he will make trips to border areas so he can personally ensure that public servants are welcoming migrants back without problems.

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    Sorry for the caps

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    H20 Toie
    Like that would ever happen.

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    big kahoona
    IF Our Gov. Does'nt Stop All The Auto Man.from Shipping All Of The Work To Mexico And China .We Will Have To Move Over There To Get Work .You Don't See The Price Of Our Vehs. Coming Down At All ! And Frigidaire Is Laying Off Thousands Of People Because There New Plant In China Is Up And Running .! Go Figure !!

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    Keith E. Sayre
    One only has to look as far back as WWII to see what industrial might can do.
    After the December 7th wipeout in Hawaii by the Japanese, we mustered up
    all of the industrial might that we could and we beat not only the Japanese
    but helped to defeat the Germans on another continent. Bottom line, we
    could build or rebuild it faster than either of them combined could destroy it
    from planes to ships to rifles to jeeps to tanks to trains to bombs to ammunition etc etc.
    We not only defeated them in terms of the war itself, but our industrial might was incredible. We owe those folks a great deal that produced during those hard years--on and off of the battle field.
    Today, all I hear about is China and India and what they are building. Sure
    alot of them are working for pennies but what happens if we end up mixing it up with China, I would have to believe that they have the industrial edge
    and they could build more tanks and bullets and guns than we could without
    a doubt. They also have the manpower.
    Oh sure, we could probably defeat them in a conventional war but only because of our technological superiority. But I'll bet that Japan would be gone and probably South Korea and a few others.
    I'm not sure that James Walton and the Walmart boys are doing us any good
    by helping China get all geared up for the next go round. Maybe we should
    rethink this?
    While I'm certainly not a racist and work with several people from Mexico and think the world of them, this town of Lake Havasu has changed dramatically in the past 10 years with regard to the illegals. Crime is way up, and a big
    chunk of that is directly related to them being here. Major problems in the schools are starting to manifest themselves, did anyone notice the park at the end of the channel last summer by the dog park, I didn't see anyone on
    any Sunday BBQing there that spoke English. And there was a certain attitude being displayed towards the boaters that were parked close by.
    I've never had a problem with any of the "illegals" that are flooding in and this country was founded by people from all walks of life and from all over the world, but enough is enough. Close the doors before it is too late and build
    a big fence and man it.
    Keith Sayre

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    Two K's
    We have all heard it before Buy American, Hire the American. If they can't fill their pockets with money they will leave I haven't been to a 7-11 since they stopped hiring the local kids in my area and that also goes for Dunkin Donut too.When a contractor works on your house and brings a crew of illegals to do the job, do you think that your getting a better price? I don't think it's like that anymore. I think the contractor is putting the savings in his own wallet We can't complain about kids today not wanting to work if all the opportunities to find a part time job are gone My Kid is looking for one now. I don't think he will get one at a gas station like I did when I was a kid. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with people comming to this country as legals to make a life here and become Americans because than they like us are also paying taxes . We are doing this to ourselfs

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    Take the "club Fed" imates and house them at 1/2 mile intervals along the entire border. 6 imates to a cabin, 3 shifts. For every illegal they catch each man in the cabin has 1 day removed from his sentence. We're paying to house these guys anyway, put them to work. I guarentee not a single illegal would get through............MP

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    big kahoona
    I Have Family That Lives In Jamestown Tn. The Factory There Working At Is Loaded With Illegals. They Get A Pay Check Just Like My Family .b U T ! They Don't Take Taxes Out On Them .so There Making More Money Than My Family ! Go Figure !

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    California screwed itsself when it's people allowed Bustamante to block prop 187. At least the city of Newport had the balls to tell them to piss off when it tore up all the grass that the immigrants were playing soccer on... broken beer bottles just dont belong where beach goers are walking bare foot

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