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    I am purchasing a new boat with a mercrusier motor and v-drive and have a choice of #1 350mpi 315hp or #2 350ci 330hp blk scorpion or #3 6.2MX(340hp)blk scorpion. I know price goes up $1450 for the 350ci blk scorpion but unsure how much for 6.2MX blk. scorp. I know the're better components in the 6.2 but would like some feedback if its worth it? I plan to keep the boat for 10+ years.Any help would be appreciated.

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    need to correct look at other post below!!
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    Thanks 77charger.I understand the 6.2 also has a forged crank and billet roller cam.Ant idea as to cost upgrade? Thanks,Bru

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    i think the scorpian has the goods also(forged crank,roller,etc) and the scorpian is a stroker motor 377ci(high performance racing motor).I stated in my last poast that the scorpian was a well built 350 i need to clarify that its a 377(6.2)There is also a standard 6.2 that puts out 320 hp as compared to the scoorpians 350hp
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    John Cobalt
    Check out this link it may help you out some. I would go for the 6.2. Can't beat displacement. Your not going to get a lot more speed I wouldn't think but you won't notice a large load of people as much when your doing watersports. Sports

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    Another question from the rookie. Is the 6.2 smallblock based on the old 350 lt-1 or the new LS-1 motors?

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    the 6.2 is based on the older small blocks it uses the 400 crank as used in the 383 but the 6.2 isnt bored .030 over so it gives you 377 cubes.
    Basicaly a 383 with a stock bore (less cubes)

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