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Thread: Hate to say it, but I am officially in the Cats and Rhino forum

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    Sold the golf cart at noon, bought the Rhino at 3, and it gets delivered on Saturday.
    The cage is all ready to go, looking at it tomorrow, and tires/wheels should be on the way if my hookup delivers. Need to order the prp back seat and design the graphics. Cant forget about the CDI and digital dash.
    Then comes the wheels/tires, stereo, billet a-arms (+6) and shocks, and then take out a second mortgage to pay for the motor work.
    Willie, you are going to be pissed...... :crossx:

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    Anyone know what size the lug studs are on these things???
    Need to order some for the spacers and dont even have it yet. Also, anyone know of a source to buy them?
    I just need the same that comes on it as stock. I need to order a bunch of them.

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    Trader!!!!! Guess I'll be the only one left supporting the golf caart cause.

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    Trader!!!!! Guess I'll be the only one left supporting the golf caart cause.
    Not the only one. I'm still with you dj. Some of us have to stay old school, keep it real, be nostalgic by having a golf cart

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    Congrats on the new toy!

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    well don't forget the pics as you do it also has your buy finished any more billet for them. Sorry I never got back to you on picking up some of the other items I sold the old and bought a new one. here's a pic of one of my buddies paint jobs and cage.

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    Mrs. casean
    I don't have either to be in this forums but congrats on the sell and new purchase! We're looking for a Rhino... we'll see what happens... we'll be the next traders Gotta sell the cart still. Show us some pics! Will you have it this weekend in Glamis?

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    Welcome to the club
    I have a rhino and a tunnel.....Im below the JV guys

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