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    Has anyone used aluminum for a dolly trailer.

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    Has anyone used aluminum for a dolly trailer.
    Mine sat on one from about 1984 to 2000. Four bunks and bullet proof bracing. I didn't build it--fella I bought I frrom did. Two things--welds were nothing to write home about and I believe it went into the salt water a few times---aesthetics were taking a turn for the worst....Steve

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    I have an aluminum dolly trailer. It works fine. The only draw back for me so far is the water at Phoenix tends to eat at it. I take it down to the lake as soon as I get home and flush it real good. Other than that its a great trailer.

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    are they alot lighter than a steel trailer.

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    I had an Ellis dolly trailer before and this one is quite a bit lighter. In fact, it almost floats. I have a guide post on the left side and I can move the trailer over with one hand while I am sitting in the boat. The only concern I have with this trailer is I don't know if it is rigid enough to support the bottom of the boat properly. It is plenty strong but it flexes alot. I don't want to get a "hook" in the bottom of the boat. I can sight down the length of the trailer and it doesn't look like it is bowing but that is something you might want to think about. Jerry Davis used to have an aluminum trailer also for the warparty TAF.I don't know if he still does or not.

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