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Thread: "The World Is Full of Oil"

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    Flying Tiger
    Did anyone else see that excellent documentary "The World is Full of Oil" on left wing PBS?
    They followed a Geologist that claims he can find oil anyplace.
    So the challenged him to find it in Sweden and Japan.
    He did. A Jed Clampit gusher in both places.
    A fantastic documentary.
    In another interview with the Guy:
    They interviewed Michael Moore who claims we'll be outta oil in 2026.
    Then this Geologist guy counter'd that we haven't even started to use the oil available and gave incredable astro fuc#innomical figures of whats available out there.
    The US has awsum amounts and he gave staggering verifiable numbers of oil in the ground.
    Saudi Arabia has 15 major oilfields and they have only tapped 3.
    The rest of the planet shadows them, they are merely a tiny drop.
    Mind boggling amounts of oil out there that this guy proved exists.

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    Old Texan
    They interviewed Michael Moore who claims we'll be outta oil in 2026.
    Michael Moore's Bullshiat is the only thing more plentiful.

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    I still remember back in the late 70's when some guy predicted we'd run out of oil before the year 2000. I believe it was the same guy who was complaining about "global cooling" back then and is now worried about global warming now. A bunch of quacks.
    I heard an interesting theory the other day about how oil is not actually fossil fuel but rather the by product of extremely high temperature combustion within the earth's crust. In other words, the earth might be making more oil as we speak. I also heard that North America alone has the equivalent of 1000-5000 years of oil buried beneath it. Imagine how much is in the middle east!!

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