For those of you that live near the Canyon Lake area I am hosting a United States Power Squadron Safe Boating Class starting on Wed, Feb, 22 at 700pm. The class will run for two hours, for four weeks. Costs are limited to the materials only. This is a short course mainly for lake boaters. Once you take the exam at the end and pass you should be able to take your certificate to your insurance company for a discount. We all know that you can go out and if you have the money buy the fastest boat on the lake. BUT do you know how to operate it safely and withing the rules. The class will be held inside of Canyon Lake but if you live nearby I will sign you through the gate to attend. I, like most of you love to go fast but as a whole we need to do it safer. If this class can help one person not get hurt then it is worth it.
To sign up email me at or call me on my cell at 909-816-1101.