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Thread: Xmas card / bad story.....

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    So I was opening some xmas cards a Got in the mail in the past few days. When I came to one from a very good friend of mine. We go back to b4 birth... Our mothers roomed in school togther thats how far back it goes... I think of her as my almost my sister. Anyways,In the card there was a typed up letter from "her duagther" who is about 18months old. Now I have not talked with her but about 5Xs since she had her. The last one being about 6 months ago. You know 1st kid and all its not that un common.....
    In the letter I was informed that on a trip to her grandparnts house. For a bday. With her, her husband, mother father, duagther, and younger brother they were hit by a drunk driver. This was not that long ago every 1 was ok but the baby took a trip with the EMTs...
    Now the man that hit them BAL was .21 Thats almost 3 times the legal limit of .08. Now If I was in the car with my 1st born still under the age of two and was hit by some 1 that drunk-- I would porbly be going to jail for along time......
    I would have come very, very close to killing that Son of a Bitch with my bare hands. I must admire her husbands will in not doing just that. That takes real strenght.( hes about 6'3" 230)
    I personally have lost 4 friends in the past 10 years to drunk drivers. AS well as being hit myself as a child doing major damage to my back. Haveing verbrae fused...
    So plz if you know some 1 that is going to drive drunk plz stop them
    Do what every it takes to stop them!

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    So plz if you know some 1 that is going to drive drunk plz stop them
    Do what every it takes to stop them![/QUOTE]
    Great point. Let's all have a safe holiday season.

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