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    looking through some old boat mags, I thought it was kinda cool just how many guys were building cruisers in the 60's.........
    Rayson 1964
    Campbell 1965 (of course we all know they started building cruisers long before this article)
    Mandella 1968 (7 piece mold! yikes)
    Lavey '68
    Biesemeyer 1969
    Warren '69
    The reason cruisers were made inthe first place?
    where old cruisers go to die

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    The older I get, the better those smooth riding boats look! Anyone ever hear of a Sun Sport cruiser? Art Dufault had a hand in them and I think it was the best looking one ever after seeing his. thanks for sharing!

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    damn, you got me with the fat chicks.

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    Make me think... I wonder whatever happened to all those old cruisers? Some of them still have to be around.

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