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Thread: Born on date?

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    Found this piece of masking tape when I pulled out the rear seat area of my Sidewinder. Just three days before my birthday! Who was it that was passing out centerfolds to resin under the deck? I guess I need March 76 please.

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    IMPATIENT 1 has the centerfold archive that you can download from if you serious.

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    Hey, that's a month to the day after my birthday, 'cept mine was 20 years earlier. :cry:

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    darned kids

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    Ok, so my B day is actually 3-18-'71 . I am trying to cling to childlike ways for as long as possible though...LOL :crossx:
    Playboy has an online centerfold archive?.... Why the hell am I browsing Hot Boat in my spare time?

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