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Thread: any skiff guys here ?

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    eek! just what i need some fresh meat , wheres the so called racers here i need to beat down? where are u reply for beatings only

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    Is that Like S.C.A.F.
    Spread, ****, ass ,Fuk.
    Im Feelling like a clown so Lets JOUST
    Gotta Mud sucker? Will Travel.

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    yeah something like that but a little diffrent. skiff means, stuck,krunked,idiot,for,****n

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    I always wondered what kind of river boat a skiff would make and how it would perform with a 383ci motor with about 425 hp?

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    NOW you Know!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah i want an all aluminum big block in one so i can see where elvis lives

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    What the HECK!
    Here I thought this was going to be The home for
    I dont see nor here any SCAF Going on here

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    this is a lousy thread i thought i could stir up the dirt bags i know who race skiffs owell i guess living in travel lift can put crampper on computer skills

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