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Thread: Free Boat!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    This can't be spam because it's FREE! I've decided to get rid of my damaged CP Gullwing hull. I don't want to store it anymore. So who wants it? bare hull free, come and get it in Boulder City,Nv. 702-204-5035 Budlight

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    Im interested can you post some pics of the boat and damage.
    thank you!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    It was in ***boat CBBB article. But Sunday I can take some pics. It's in the overhead in my storage.

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    ill take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will come and get get it!!!!!!!!!! Please let me know,I have someone that can fix it very well.

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    I'm always too late... My trailer is 5 minutes from being hooked to my truck and I am heading to vegas tonight. Oh well. :cry:

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Boat gone! Sorry to 396 ways to spit but I think it found a good home Budlight

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    Schiada Time
    Woould not recommend ever putting this boat in water again. I helped pull it from the river when the transom blew apart and it will need loads of repair work to ever be water worthy again. At this point it is garage art.

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