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Thread: who's running a 383.

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    I am building a new sbc 383 for this summer, it is going in a 1989 18' Powerplay.
    I would like to see your guy's combo's and any idea's you have... here is mine so far..
    94' 4 bolt block
    eagle 4130 forged 3.75" stroker crank
    eagle H beam, 3-D ESP rods...
    SRP forged pistons. 9.8:1(has a dish of 16cc)
    Hastings Moly rings
    vortec cast iron heads, screw in 7/16 studs and guideplates.
    Crane full roller valvetrain
    Crane roller cam.. 222/230 dur. .509/.528 lift 112 LSA.. gonna use 1.6 rockers so lift will be .543/.563 lift
    matching springs, retainers and locks.
    Edelbrock RPM air gap intake
    750 holley, vac sec and elc.choke
    IMCO thumper power exhaust
    I am hopeing for around 380 hp..
    any advice?

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    I've had no luck with the eagle stuff, spend a little more and buy a quality crank and rods. The victor intake would be a better choice for a boat and mech secondary carb. I have run a similar combo in my race car and sprint boat with good results, approx 425 hp

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    Can you tell me what went wrong with your eagle stuff?

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    According to the builder the metal is not of the best quality(chinese). 7 races to a set of rods and 2 cranks. The parts wouldn't pass mag test/cracks. This is in a class that only sees 6000 rpm

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    We went to crower sportsman rods $400.00 approx and have run them 35 races with no problems. these motors are checked every 3 races. for a few more $ buy the american parts

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    Eagle had some problems in their early days. This has been 5 years ago. They have since made marked improvements in their QC program. Every rod and crank is x-rayed. Just about every brand of H beam steel rod that is not carillo is made in china. At 380 HP I would not worry about any brand of rod.
    Why Vortec heads? These are extremely thin. They crack very easily. unless they are very cheap I would use something else.
    It appears you are building your engine for high RPM's, if not I would reconsider some of those parts to build touque.
    If you are going to buy new rods and pistons, try and get 6" rods. The added torque will be well worth it.
    Do you have any flow numbers for the heads? Someone has them if they have stock ports. Do not increase the lift unless you know the heads flow good at that lift.
    Oh Yea, I have eagle rods in my blown alcohol injected 1,000 HP engine.
    Sometimes I come across as being very negative, but when asked I do give advice since I have been there and done that many times.
    Good luck.

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    Last year we blew up 3 motors with the eagle parts. The problem was the quality of the metal being used I,m not a metal expert but the tests came back with these results. We used the rest of the new parts we had left and had them checked before they failed, they were showing stress cracks.
    If the motor is going to be run at the limit extensively I wouldn't use them. My .02

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    Its only gonna see 5200 rpm max..
    The vortec heads were a good price from a buddie. I haven't heard about anybody cracking the heads.
    A buddie runs a eagle stuff in his drag cars, so I am not worrying to much.. I did go with the 6" rods and a SRP piston to match. I am still debating about 1.6 or 1.5 rockers, Bruce at WPM thought it was a perfect combo with the 1.5's and I wouldn't gain much by using the 1.6's if the heads were not ported, but the only thing he insisted on was a single plane manifold.
    Infomanic... what would you change to build more torque?
    Thanks guy's

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    Powerplayin: Actually the intake is the first thing I would change. Single plane intakes kill bottom end, They are meant to make HP. The Edelbrock Performer is designed to increase torque. Anything with RPM in the designation is not what you need. Also I would pick a cam with a bit less duration to get the RPM range down a bit more. If the RPM range of the cam is 1,500 more than you are going to turn it, it is a waste. You could be using the extra low end and broader torque band with a shorter duration cam.
    ALL ENGINES make more torque than HP up to 5,252 RPM. At this point they are equal. HP just begins to exceed torque at this RPM. Take my word for it I ran engine Dyno's for many years. If you plan to use the engine at that RPM then you must have the combination of parts to match.
    Good Luck
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