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Thread: Reverse Spam - Single Plane Intake/carb needed

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    Hey Guys,
    I'm in need of a single plane oval port, std deck, BBC intake. Perferably a Dart or strip dominator, any one got one? I'm looking at racingjunk and ebay as well.
    I'm also in need of a 950HP or similar carb
    Help is appreciated.

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    I'll be selling a Weiand Team G single plane very shortly if you're interested?
    Weiand Team Gs are single plane manifolds, designed to build power in the 2,000 rpm to 8,000 rpm range. Port-matching an intake to your heads can move the power band up another 200 rpm to 800 rpm. They have a raised plenum for increased flow and atomization, extended runners for improved flow velocity (most models), integral bosses for nitrous oxide nozzles (most models), isolated water passages for improved cooling, and cast-in carb linkage clearance.

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    Gee Gugs, if you get a real manafold mebbie that spud might run! Hear ya got yer doors blown off on Saturday. Better go for a bigger cam, rideplate, shoe, inducer, impeller, Cheater kit, blower, 572, real motor, picklefork, etc, etc. Good time! We'll do it again! Any Phx. locals going out on New Years day to Pleasant? Cas; do you work for Weiand? nice commercial! Give me a call and we'll catch up. TIMINATOR

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    Cas; do you work for Weiand? nice commercial! Give me a call and we'll catch up. TIMINATOR
    nope! I just went to the Summit Racing website then copied and pasted the info
    I'll try to call in the next couple of days, gotta get a job wrapped up by Friday...hopefully Thursday afternoon. It's funny you mentioned calling, I was thinking that we haven't talked in awhile. I also have to try to get ahold of Fred to find out if he's heading down your way next month.....I need to take you up an that free pump rebuild.

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    Funny you mention Fred, I have left him several phone messages in the last month or two, no reply, hope all is well. You know what happened the last time that we hadn't heard from him in a while. Look foward to your call. TIMINATOR

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