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    No Ka Oi
    Do you fill your ***boat with fuel(s) containing an alcohol additive? Should I be concerned using oxygenated fuels containing oxyenates such as alcohol (Ethonal) or Ether (MTBE or ETBE), since it may increase: 1) corrosion of metal parts; 2) deterioration of rubber and plastic parts; 3) fuel permeation through rubber fuel lines; and 4) starting and operating difficulties. I've read that these are some of the adverse effects caused by the alcohol additives because the alcohol absorbs moisture from the air, resulting in separation of the water/alcohol from the gasoline in the fuel tank. The adverse effects of alcohol in fuels is outlined in Mercury Racing Engine's operational manual under fuel requirements. Having said that, do you know of fuels that contain fuel injector cleaner for added internal cleanliness, which is recommended for use in EFI engines, but is not oxygenated?
    What do you "fill her up" with (brand of fuel: Unocal, Chevron, Shell, Mobile, etc)?

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    No Ka Oi
    Which brand do you use? Unocal, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, etc. If so, why? I'm inquring because I want to find out which of the major producers use additives in their fuel including alchohol. I appreciate your input and feedback.

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    chev/tex,any thingover 87 makes the transom black(merc500hp)
    I believe Chevron uses Techron, which is an additive designed to clean fuel injectors. However, I think it also contains methonal (MTBE) which is an alcohol additive. Is this true???? My preference was Unocal 1st and Chevron 2nd. Now I'm considering only Unocal, but that doesn't seem partical.

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    Unocal uses MTBE also, big sticker right on all the pumps....The fuel dispensed from this pump may contain MTBE.

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    Unocal stopped using MTBE awhile back. Unless they started again Unocal is MTBE free.

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    No Ka Oi
    Unocal stopped using MTBE awhile back. Unless they started again Unocal is MTBE free.
    Since Rex Marine specializes in high performance marine and automotive products, do you have a recommendation on a particular fuel brand. Recognizing that all tanker trucks get their gas from the same refineries, with the only difference between the brands being the additives added to the fuel, maybe I am giving this too much thought. Maybe I need to think about important subjects like what music are people listeniing to right now, etc. I'm sure music will help my engine run much better (just kidding). However, your feed back is appreciated.

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    no ka just gas it up and go, and let me know when we're hitting the lake

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    Its true the tankers may get their fuel from the same refineries, but not all the recipes are the same...

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    My preference in pump gas has been Unocal since they don't use MTBE in So Cal but that's just personal preference with me.
    For race gas applications I always used VP C12 and had better luck with it for consistancy vs, Unocal or Trick (the other two I've used). I've never used AV gas although I know some that swear by it and some that wouldn't touch it.
    You can probably ask the above question 12 times though and get 12 different answers. Kind of like what kind of oil is best. Depends on what "you're" sold on based on data and positive experience.

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