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Thread: Gadsden Races

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    boat 569
    I noticed that Gadsden is back on the IHBA schedule. Charlie says they have already recieved the deposit from them so it looks like it is going to happen. Anyone from that area know where the race course is going to be?

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    Big Boys Toy PE857
    Thats good news. Only bad thing about that race is it's the hottest place I've ever been.

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    thats only 160 miles from me and the best news i`ve heard lately. i`ll get on this right quick and heavy. several years ago they used to have the races at a place called logansport marina. thats the last time i saw eddie hill run. just to give you an idea how long ago it was, cecil florence was there too.

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    boat 569
    PE857....Have you ever been to Marble Falls? We went a couple of years ago and it never got below 100 degrees

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    Liquid Invader
    Are you planning on racing this year? Last year the motor laid in JR's garage all apart all summer. Do you have a better plan this year? I still have the SMALL BLOCK :cry: ready to run. Tell us some plans.
    Later 383

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    am getting a friend to call the mayor of Gadsden tomorrow. Will know something soon.

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    v-drive bob
    yes marble falls is allways hot but,, it aug in TEXAS expect anything
    differant?they usually allways are breaking records so its a very fast
    race track. :rollside: :rollside:

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    Thats good news. Only bad thing about that race is it's the hottest place I've ever been.
    Jim, I'll second that! HOT HOT HOT! :220v:

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    i just read on another forum that the race will be held at the same location. the in ramp is moved upstream and the out is the same. we`ll sure be there running the m/e class. boat named underdog. everybody stop by and visit.

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    boat 569
    We will be there for sure. Will probably have 3 or 4 other boats out of Florida also. We are going to go camping somewhere for the week between augusta and gadsden. Does anyone know anything about the lake lanier area in georgia? Are there any camp grounds around there? How about boat rentals?

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