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Thread: What is better than a CVX20 in the Garage?

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    Mighty Thor
    Two of them of course. So I just got a 77 CVX20 to go with the 76. Now I just gotta figure out some sort of throttle and steering linkages So I can run them side by side with a little platform between. Dual 460s and dual Jets, Cat hulls eat my spray!!!

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    I did that with 2 Harley Panheads back in 1973. We used an old fuel oil tank that was cut down to look like a Roman chariot. You stood in the oil tank and had a foot throttle, foot clutch, handlebars for steering, and a hand shifter. It was a hit at the first annual Detroit Motorcycle show in 1974. The guy that owned the 2 Harleys, actually still has them, still attached together. I visited him this past summer and saw a few older Harleys he had then, that are still in his garage collecting dust. Like the dumb a** that I am, I forgot to take the camera to his house.

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