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Thread: motor just quit and now has no spark???

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    ok i started one of mt boats today to pull it out of the water for the winter today after sitting for about a month. it fired right up, ran for about a min then quit. i tried to re-fire it and it would not start. i checked for fuel and there was pleanty getting there. i checked for spark and nothing. any ideas what would just stop working like that. i know it could be anything but if anyone has an idea on what things to check first please let me know.

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    1 kill lanyard
    2 power to coil if yes coil or pickup bad
    if no ignition switch
    3 is drive in neutral / neutral switch
    theres more but thats a start

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    Is the rotor turning inside the cap?? Stiff oil MAY have upset the dist. drive pin...What dist./ign are you running???,,...... Moneypitt

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    fuse/circuit breaker

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