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Thread: Truck Driver Arrested.....

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    In Scranton PA a group of kids were throwing bricks at cars the other night from an over pass. The kids had the bricks tied to thier arms with rope. So after they would throw one they could pull it back up. One kid hit a tractor trailer. The rope wrapped around the mirror bracket. It pulled the kids ARM OFF..... :crossx:
    The cops followed the truck driver to a truck stop and arrested him.....
    For ARMED ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!

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    i heard another story.
    a guy was at an ARCO getting gas when a small fuel spill ignited on his arm.. a san berdoo sheriff was was coming out of the ARCO when he spotted this guy running toward him with his arm on fire.. the officer shot him twice i the chest and killed him.
    in the report the officer stated that the man was waving a firearm at him. :skull: :skull:

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    Forkin' Crazy
    LMAO!!! :rollside:

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    when i was learning to drive i ran over a little white cat. a cop saw me run over the cat and pulled me over. instead of getting a ticket he asked if i would find and notify the owner of the cat. the cop and i walked door to door and with me holding this poor dead white cat. about the fifth house or so a little old lady opened the door and saw the cat, she started crying and screaming my kitty, my kitty, my kitty! i tried to console her but it was no use. then she became very upset and started yelling at me. at first the cop and i didnt know what she was saying, but she kept saying you owe me $50, you owe me $50. the cop pushed me aside and put handcuffs on the old lady. while he was walking her down to the car i asked why he was arresting her?
    he replied for selling pussy.

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    3 years ago i was in a really bad car accident, the emergency crews had to use the jaws of life to free me and it took them 25 minutes. i woke up in the hospital 4 days later and they had to remove the whole left side of my body.
    im all right now. :skull: :skull:

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    Someone please tell RioDog it was a joke.....

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    At work last week I slipped and fell of a 32' tall ladder. :220v:
    Luckily I was on the bottom step when it happened.

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    Sane Asylum
    Ya know, I don't care who you................

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    my wife was out riding her new mountain bike around the block when the local police stopped her, he gave her a ticket for peddling pussy.

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    My buddy had a costome party the other night and he wanted everyone to dress up as an emotion, he hired some big bouncers to work the door and he told them not to let anyone in unless they had a good costume, So the first chick showed up and she was dressed all green, and had green makeup on, the bouncers asked her what emotion she was and she said Envy, I am green with Envy, they smiled and let her in, So the next guy walks up and he was pretty much the same thing only Red, they asked him what emotion, and he replied Anger I am Red with anger, they smiled and said ok go on in.
    So the next guy comes walking up he was a large black man and he was wearing normal clothes but he had his dong out and on the tip of it he had drilled a hole in a pear and had it stuck on his member. The bouncers stepped in front of the door and said I think you have the wrong party, you need to be dressed up as an emotion, the Black guy says," What chu talking about man, I am F uching Dis Pear.

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