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Thread: 1930's hot boat on ebay

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    Saw this on ebay and thought it was pretty cool in case somebody has some interest & spare money. Gotta love the old flathead speed parts, if nothing else. 1QQcmdZViewItem

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    Man, that thing is awesome.

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    Thanks for the link. I am going to watch this throughout the day, and if it doesn't go too high, I think I'll buy it.
    I would love to cruise the channel in that boat!!!

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    So, did you buy it phebus?

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    Big Kahunaa
    That thing is bad ass f your 496 ho i got a flat head

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    No, I came down with the stomach flu, and spent the better part of the day in the bathroom, so I wasn't even watching it.
    It went for more then I would have pid though. I was willing to go up to about 8500.-. I bet that would be a huge project if you had it, and before you were done, the whole thing would be taken apart, and after a lot of time and money, put back together.
    Sounds like a great project. :rollside:

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    Thats a V8 60. Chris-Craft never built one of those but it is pretty cool. I would guess its homemade.....

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