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Thread: Flywheel question

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    Hey guys I got a question, where could I find a light weight flywheel replacement for a 455 Olds? Or is there a special name for them? Ive been googling all morning trying to find something and i cant get a thing! Im trying to lighten up my back end to get it up out of the water a little more.

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    Put a flex plate on it?

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    Ahh i just did a forum search for flywheel and got the answer... screwed up again, doh. Im a forum newbie.. sorry guys. Looks like the anwser is a Heavy Duty SFI Flexplate, correct?

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    Yep there you go. Does not have to be SFI to be heavy duty.
    I can get them for about $55.00 locally if you have problems finding one.

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    Now, to go about getting a Flexplate repalcement, i assume i should just count the teeth on my flywheel and get the flexplate w/ the same amount of teeth?

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    yep....That'll do it..........Make sure it's for an Olds......MP
    PS: You may need to pick up some shorter mounting and "H" bar bolts........

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    Whats the Difference between Internal and External Balancing on the Flexplates?

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    The BBC has 2 different flexplates, (well 4 if you want to count teeth), The BBCs are all internal balanced, EXCEPT the 454, which has additional counterweights on the flexplate and the balancer.........I don't think Olds had both, and I think the Olds is external, although I'm not sure. Did you find Olds flexplates and have these 2 options? If so, we'll have to get an Olds expert here to straighten this out..........MP

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    Ah, I think I can only find a 166T, External Balance. Is there an easy way to tell if its External/Internal by looking at the old flywheel thats on it now?

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    Is there an area around the outside edge that has an additional weight? This would be on the engine side, about 4 to 8" long, and only in one area. The harmonic balancer would also have a lop sided look to it, inside the outer ring on the back,(engine) side........I've got an Olds here in the garage, but it's kinda buried behind a bunch of Chevy stuff........Since no one else here has chimed in yet, let me suggest you go over to "real olds power" web site. I don't know how to link it up, but it wasn't hard to find......MP
    PS: you are talking about a 455, right?

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