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Thread: Canyon Boats Web Site

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    Anyone know if there is one?

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    Yes there is. It is not yet finished but still has useful info on it. Just punch in Canyon Boats.

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    Exact web address? Punched in canyon boats, nothin comes up.

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    Kindsvater Flat

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    Thanks Kflat.

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    Speedin' Ian
    Anyone know what a bare hull is going for these days?

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    Ian, I think they are going for around $8900 Stage 1

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    Speedin' Ian
    Hmmmm? That's something to think about for 2007

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    Dang Ian, I'm going to have to build the unblown fuel hemi now to keep up with you guys if you put the new bullet back into a Canyon

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    Speedin' Ian
    Well we were planning on repairing the stress cracks and painting the boat next year, but a new Canyon would be a much better boat and only cost a couple extra thousand. Right now we're just dreaming, and a lot can change in a year, so we'll just have to wait and see where were at in 07. For now you'll just have to square up against our old Cole! Oh yeah did I mention we were thinking about making a few changes to our new 540 short block so that we can run it on alcohol if we ever get bored with the blown gas 523.
    P.S. Great job on the movie premier! It was great to see your whole family there supporting you and your hobby!

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