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Thread: Lifeline Work Aprons

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    I have two brand new Lifeline pit crew work aprons to auction off to help out Steve Lowater.
    They are black in color and one size fits all.
    Lets make the starting bid @ $40 for the pair
    Auction for the aprons will end on Sunday 9/14 at 8:00 pm

    Lets start biddig and remember it's for a good cause to help out Steve

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    flat broke
    I'm down to help out. Put me in at $60.

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    flat broke:
    I'm down to help out. Put me in at $60.
    Chris Chris, You and Flat Stupid over on the v-drive forum have both bid $60 for the aprons.
    We may have find a way to do a tie breaker by Sunday night. eek!

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    flat broke
    Easy Fix,
    $70 from my end.

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    flat broke:
    Easy Fix,
    $70 from my end. Sunday night is gettig real close

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    Flat Broke is the high bidder, please check your PM

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