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Thread: Autocad/Vectorworks users I need a DWG or DXF

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    I am in need of a dwg or dxf or basically any format I can import into vectorworks 11 of a Catamaran .... Any size, make or model between 20 - 44' will work .... no, I am not looking to steal anyone's design, I just need it for use in a promotional rendering.....any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Can you translate that into English please? :rollside: :rollside:

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    basically I need a wireframe 3d model... autocad style (dwg and dxf both export out of autocad) and can be imported into the program I work with "vectorworks"
    I'm guessing Evo may have one, but I don't really know him to ask
    for the record I am in now way looking to rip off a bottom or anything just need one for my drawings for the boat show

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    I can generate dwg and dxf files from several programs I have, but I have no drawings of any kind of boats.
    Oh- I never heard of VectorWorks. Does it use "vector" files as well? JK, of course

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