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Thread: Autocad/Vectorworks users I need a DWG or DXF

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    I am in need of a dwg or dxf or basically any format I can import into vectorworks 11 of a Catamaran .... Any size, make or model between 20 - 44' will work .... no, I am not looking to steal anyone's design, I just need it for use in a promotional rendering.....any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    You need someone that can convert/import into cad and create a .dwg of .dxf?? I'm a little confused. If you need someone with cad experience/capabilities I can help you out. Let me know

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    Grey goose, thanks.... if something doesn't pan out by the end of the day I will likely just do that.
    Cornwater.. I am not looking for anything off the chart, just a 3d model of a cat that I can size to the different models that will end up in the DCB booth at the show...that way Dave knows how many boats will fit, where, angles and expected room left. I am a Vectorworks guy and can import dxf or dwg which are the most common as well as a few others like iges and SAT files.... I have not tried IGES or SAT files but apparently vectorworks will recognize the import. In the past I just used properly sized rectangular blocks to show what would fit in the booth...some of you may recognize this picture below as the LA boat show last year...anyways I am trying to improve my drawing/presentation this year... thanks again for the help

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